Voice is here to help you through bereavement, no matter what has happened, when or where.

It doesn’t matter if the person you have lost is a family member, friend or colleague – we’re here to support you through the process to help you cope and recover from what can be a devastating time.

Emotional Support

Our specialist bereavement and trauma counsellors are available to speak with you when you feel ready, to begin to help you understand your thoughts and feelings and to process what you’re going through.

Talking with us gives you the chance to get things off your chest and let go of distressing experiences. While some people can do this with friends and family, often they will be going through the same process as you and are also in need of support.

We’ll arrange a time and location that suit you to begin the process of talking about the death of one of your loved ones in a confidential and non-judgemental environment.

Practical Support

Grieving for a loved one can make things that are often simple feel like a huge challenge – especially when they provoke emotions around what you are going through.

Voice can help you by filling forms, contacting relevant people and by giving you a helping hand with a host of different practical issues. The help and support you need will be completely individual to you.

Throughout any investigation in to what happened, we’ll keep you up to date and informed.

Voice can also provide support and advice throughout the legal process, including at any court case or inquest.

Whatever you need a helping hand with, talk to Voice.