Being involved in a road traffic collision can be a traumatic time, but Voice is here to help.

To understand exactly who we help and how, read our frequently asked questions below.


  • Who does Voice help?

    We provide support to adults and children, individuals and friends and families – whichever arrangement works best for you. Contact Voice.

  • Does Voice work with children?

    We have specialist counsellors available who are trained to support children and young peopleThis support will be given in conjunction with parents and also with schools as appropriate.

  • Will my culture or religion be respected?

    All of our counsellors are culturally aware, and work with due respect to cultural and religious considerations.

  • Is there a cost involved?

    No. The service is provided free of charge.

  • How will my support be provided?

    Our support is tailored to your situation and is provided by our specialist staff in the best way for you. This could be by face-to-face meetings, by telephone or digitally if preferred.

  • Where will support be provided?

    Our team will work in any way that suits you. This means that we come to your home for the sessions; you could come to our offices, or we could meet in any other suitable location.

  • How often is the support provided and how long will it last?

    Voice is here for you when you need support and however long you need support for. This can be on a weekly basis or at a time interval suitable to you.

    We will continue to support you for as long as you feel that you need it.

  • What if I don’t live in Northamptonshire?

    If you have been involved in an accident on Northamptonshire roads but live elsewhere, Voice is still here for you. 

    It may be possible for this support to be face-to face, or it may be provided by telephone or digital means.

  • What if the incident I was involved in happened outside Northamptonshire?

    If you live in Northamptonshire we can support you, no matter where the incident happened.