Voice Roadharm helps people who have been affected by any kind of road incident.

We give specialist support and advice to those who have been bereaved, injured or witnessed a road collision. This includes supporting friends and family of those who have either been killed or injured on the roads.

Our support is free and confidential, and is available to anyone who lives in Northamptonshire or has had an accident on the county’s roads.

Our team of professional and trained counsellors and support workers give support that is tailored to your needs. Help is available from right after any incident, through to when you feel you are able to cope on your own.

Our support includes:

  • emotional support;
  • professional therapy and treatment;
  • support through any court case and updates on legal proceedings;
  • emotional and practical support during an inquest; and
  • signposting to other support agencies such as specialist charities and support organisations.

If you’ve been involved, witnessed or been affected by a road incident and want some help and advice, or would just like someone to talk to, get in touch with Voice, now.

Find out more about how we support people like you here.