Injured after road accident

What happened?

An experienced motorcyclist was seriously injured after he was knocked off his bike by a car.

Colin, a mature, responsible and experienced motorcyclist was riding his motorbike on familiar roads when a car he was overtaking failed to see him and knocked him off his bike.

Colin survived, but he suffered multiple injuries. He was airlifted to hospital, where he remained for a considerable time.

Suddenly his life had completely changed. His injuries were so severe that he was unlikely to be able to work again. This meant that for his wife and family, life had also completely changed. While they were initially still in shock, their lives too would be seriously affected by Colin’s injuries.

While the police commenced an investigation, Colin and his family were totally focussed on hospital care. When he was finally released from hospital he was still unable to move normally while unaided.

Colin felt that he had lost his identity.  He could no longer do any of the things he had previously been used to doing and he felt completely useless. His days were filled with constant pain and with images and flashbacks of the incident always in his mind.

How Voice helped

Emotional Support

The Voice counsellor supported both Colin and his family through this upsetting time. For Colin, this provided the opportunity to say things that he was unable to say to his wife for fear of further distressing her; while the family felt less alone while adjusting to their new situation and striving to help Colin.

Practical Support

Voice was also able to signpost Colin to the appropriate legal advice and support, which enabled him to secure the financial and physical support he would need for the future.