On-going therapy by Assist Trauma Care helps road harm victim cope, recover and thrive

On 11th May 2018 a 33-year-old male had been shopping with his wife. As he stood at the back of the car putting shopping into the boot, a vehicle drove at speed into the space behind.  The car did not stop in time and crushed the man’s legs between the two vehicles.

As a result of the incident the victim was hospitalised for some time and underwent surgery to his left leg which remains braced and non-load bearing.  The man has been unable to work since the incident and has suffered emotional distress, including anger towards the other driver and concern for his family’s financial future.

After being notified about the incident, our Road Harm co-ordinator arranged a visit to the injured man. The offer of support was accepted, and he was referred for specialist therapy provided on Voice’s behalf by Assist Trauma Care.

The injured party is continuing to receive therapy sessions and has come a long way in dealing with the emotional distress of the incident, the lingering anger and residual effects of worrying for his family’s financial situation. Thanks to the wonderful support provided by the team at Assist, he’s already improved considerably both physically and mentally and continues to recover and thrive.