How to report a crime

How to report a crime

We understand that it may be difficult to report an incident, but we may encourage you to do so and we will listen, give guidance and support.

If you have been involved in a serious or sensitive crime, we have specially trained staff who will understand your needs and look after any of your concerns.

By sharing information you have about a crime that has been or may be committed, you can help the police and perhaps make sure the person who carried out the crime does not do it again.

If you don’t report a crime there will be:

  • no investigation;
  • very little chance the offender will be caught or brought to justice; and
  • other people who may suffer what you’ve been through.

I want to report a crime.

  • if it’s an emergency, dial 999; or
  • if it’s not an emergency you can call 101 or visit your  local police station. 

A report should be made as soon as possible after the crime happens. This helps the police to investigate the crime before valuable evidence is lost or destroyed.

You can also report a crime to Northamptonshire Police online here.