Online crime

What is online crime?

You probably use the internet everyday to learn about new things, play games and chat with your friends. But like anywhere you go to, you need to make sure you stay safe and happy when using apps, websites and message boards online – as some people use it as a place to trick, bully or hurt people.

There are a number of different types of things people do online which are illegal. These include:

Cyber-bullying: This is when people use the internet to send nasty and upsetting messages to others. Find out more in our cyber-bullying section.

Cyber-stalking: This is when people constantly follow you around on social media, apps, websites or online messengers to frighten and annoy you. Find out more here.


Other types of online crime include identity theft, when someone impersonates you to steal something; sexting – sending and receiving naked pictures and grooming – when someone older makes friends with you for the wrong reason.

If you have experienced online crime, Voice is here to help. It doesn’t matter what happened, when or where – talk to us if you’re upset or would like some help or advice.