Bullying – 11-15

What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone does something or says something to make someone else feel bad. This can be name calling, teasing, pushing, hitting or kicking you, or someone saying they’ll hurt you.

Bullying is wrong, and can happen to anyone – if this is happening to you, you must tell someone.


Why does bullying happen?

People bully others for a number of different reasons. They may be unhappy with themselves or jealous of you. Whatever the reason, remember it is not your fault and what they are saying isn’t true.

There are many ways forms of bullying. People may bully others because of:

  • the way they look;
  • race or nationality;
  • family background or religion;
  • a disability;
  • sexual orientation; or
  • if they’re not good at sports.

To make people feel bad, bullies:

  • call people names. This can include teasing, making horrible remarks about a person’s appearance or using nasty nicknames;
  • gang up on people. This type of bullying is often behind the back of the person who is being bullied. This includes lying, spreading gossip and leaving someone out;
  • pressure people in to doing things. This can include trying to make people use sexting and embarrassing people; and
  • try to hurt others. This is when someone pushes, punches, kicks or scratches someone else, and includes things like spitting. Read more about this type of bullying, here.

How should I feel if I’m being bullied?

There is no right or wrong with how you should feel. It’s perfectly normal for bullying to make you feel sad, nervous and lonely. If you’re feeling any of these things, talk to Voice – we’re here to help you with anything you need.

How can I stop bullies?

If you’re being bullied:

  • trust your instincts. Friends that care about you will never bully you. The ones who do were never your friends in the first place;
  • get involved in a new group or activity to take your mind off things, and to help make new friends;
  • be yourself. Don’t let the mean actions of others make you change. Bullies will soon get bored when they don’t get a reaction;
  • ask for help. Talk to a trusted adult or your friends – they will support you;
  • talk to Voice.  We are here to help and support you, to make everything ok.

What can I do if I’m being bullied at school?

  • tell a teacher. Teachers in your school must help to look after you, and you have a right to feel safe at school;
  • tell a friend. Your friends can support you if they know what is happening. They can help take your mind off it and might be able to help you to stop others bullying you.

What can I do if I’m being bullied outside of school?

Tell an adult you trust. If the people bullying you are at school with you, ask your trusted adult to talk to your class teacher or head of year about what’s happening.

How can I stay safe from bullies outside of school?

  • Ask your friends to come to your house before you go out, so you can go out together. Take a different route wherever you’re going and if it’s dark, stick to well-lit streets;
  • don’t reply. If people shout at you or try to scare you, just keep walking;
  • tell your parents or an adult that you trust if you have been threatened or attacked in the street. Hitting or kicking you is an assault and calling you names or making rude gestures to you over and over again is harassment.

Who can I speak to if I’m being bullied?

  • tell an adult that you trust. They will be able to help you and will be able to speak to a teacher if needed;
  • speak to Voice. It’s free to talk to us, and we don’t need to tell anyone what’s going on. We’re here to help whatever has happened.

I am bullying someone else. How can I stop?

Is there something happening in your life which is making you upset, frustrated or angry? Do you know why you’re bullying someone else?

Have a think of why you’re bullying someone else – this will help you stop, and help you deal with whatever is going on.

Talk to someone you trust who can work with you to feel better within yourself, so that you don’t take it out on anyone else. Or, talk to us here at Voice. We won’t judge you or put you down – we’re here to help you stop bullying and to help you with anything else you may be feeling.

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