Voice for a Restorative Northamptonshire has been set up to help:

  • Improve access to safe and competent restorative practices within Northamptonshire and across a variety of settings;
  • increase awareness of the benefits of restorative practices in prevention, early intervention as well as within the criminal justice system;
  • build and strengthen capacity and capability to deliver restorative practices with Northamptonshire’s statutory, voluntary and private sectors;
  • Contribute to building the local evidence base to inform quality practice.

We deliver a victim focused approach as a means of resolving crime, anti-social behaviour and other conflicts. These could be neighbour disputes, school bullying and family disputes.

We have excellent working relationships with a large number of organisations across a variety of sectors, including the criminal justice sector, education, housing providers, community voluntary Sector, looked after children/care homes and local authorities.

An important part of Voice for a Restorative Northamptonshire is the value placed upon our volunteer practitioners who form an important part of our team, who deliver safe and effective restorative approaches in the county.

Are you interested in using Restorative Practices? Contact us to find out how we can help you.