How we did in 2020/21

How we did in 2020/21 - Annual performance summary“This has been a really challenging year for everyone, but finding ways to support victims and witnesses of crime through very personal and sometimes traumatic events is perhaps a bigger challenge than many….. I am hugely proud, then, of the fact that Voice ensured that victims and witnesses in Northamptonshire were able to access the right support, tailored to their individual needs so they could cope, recover and thrive”. Stephen Mould Police and Crime Commissioner“It has been a unprecedented year in which Voice staff and managers worked continuously throughout the pandemic to provide our specialist support to victims and witnesses of crime. I am incredibly proud of the service we have delivered during this period and the resilience, courage and perseverance shown by all of our teams”. Fiona Campbell Chief ExecutiveVoice is a free, confidential support service for anyone living in Northamptonshire who has been a victim crime, witnesses of crime that is going through the court system, victim of repeated antisocial behaviour or victim, witness or family member affected by serious life changing fire incidents or road traffic collision. Victims of crime do not have to have reported the crime to the police to access Voice services and it doesn’t matter when or where the crime was committed. Voice for victims and witnesses ltd also offer restorative justice services and is contracted to deliver the counties Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Service (IDVA), The Sunflower Centre and Multi Agency Risk assessment Conference (MARAC) administration services. Voice for victims and witnesses ltd is commissioned and funded by the Northamptonshire Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner. Voice Services received 46,618 referrals. This is 15.4% more referrals than was received the year before. The Adult Service received 41,805 referrals. Our Children and Young people’s service received 4,592 referrals. Our Roadharm Service received 211 referrals. We had 10 referrals into our restorative Justice.Voice for Victims and Witnesses ltd offer support for a wide range of crimes. We received 10,838 referrals for domestic related offending. 1,065 Hate crime referrals. 7,033 referrals relating to criminal damage and public order offences. 1,263 referrals for sexual offences. 8,001 referrals for violent crimes. 9,028 referrals for Theft/fraud and burglary crimes."I needed to know there was someone I could talk honestly to about my feelings and that was provided."Victims in the following categories are entitled to enhanced support as set out within the Victims code of practice; Victims of the most serious crime. Persistently targeted victims; and Vulnerable or intimidated victims We aim to attempt to contact victims who are entitled to enhanced support within 48 hrs of receipt of referral. We contacted 92% within 48 hrs. We aim to attempt contact with all other victims within 72 hrs of receipt of referral. We contacted 98% within 72 hrs. We helped direct 1,898 victims resident out of county to their local victim support services. 2,298 of the referrals received accepted support with our service. That support included immediate one off emotional support, practical support such as receiving free home and personal safety products, regular one to one emotional support with our team of Specialist support workers and volunteers or specialist counselling or therapy provided by one of our commissioned service providers."Had not heard of these services before and was very pleasantly surprised by what they offer."Our team of support workers, volunteers, counsellors and therapists provided over 2968 support sessions. That’s over 1855hours of emotional support provided free and confidentially. 91% of service users who completed a feedback survey were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the overall service they received from Voice for Victims & Witness Ltd. 82.4% of Adults who completed regular one to one support sessions and went on to complete an exit survey reported that they were better able to cope with everyday life following our support. "The support was excellent, she was understanding, empathetic and very professional. Thank you!"The Child Psychology Service have provided more than 214 hours of specialist counselling and/or trauma therapy on behalf of Voice for victims and witnesses ltd to young people who have experienced or been affected by crime. Children and young people completing counselling or therapy with Voice for victims and witnesses ltd reported that they were better able to cope, felt safer and had improved wellbeing. “I feel less nervous and have more courage to go out”100% of Adults and young people accessing and completing bereavement counselling or trauma therapy with Assist Trauma Care through our Roadharm service reported that as a result, they were now better able to cope with everyday life."I have made lots of progress and am looking forward to the future more."The sunflower centre provide specialist professional, accredited Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) administration service support to the highest risk victims of domestic abuse. They can help a victim with everything they need to become safe and rebuild their life. They represent their voice at MARAC, as well as helping them to navigate the criminal justice process and working with the different statutory agencies to provide wraparound support.The MARAC service received 1,618 referrals for hearing. The Sunflower centre received 3111 referrals into their service. The Sunflower centre received 3111 referrals into their service. Child on Parent abuse referral volumes have risen from 61 in 2019/20 to 112 in 2020/21. 42% of victims contacted were given advice, signposting or referral assistance or engaged in regular ongoing support with an IDVA. 53% of referrals received related to domestic offending by an Ex-partner. This is an increase of over 10% compared with the Referrals in 2019/20. The Sunflower aim to attempt contact with referrals within 24 hours of receipt of referral and did so in 91% of cases."You helped completely change our lives as a family and for the first time we feel safe in years.""I had the most amazing support from my care worker, she was incredible.""An amazing service and amazing caseworkers to go with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the courage and strength needed."


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